From kale to kiwi…. celebrating green superfoods in our diet for St. Patrick’s Day!

What better day is there for celebrating green food than St. Patrick’s day?! I know, for many people the day is spent consuming artificially colored green beer, green eggs and shamrock shakes. But it’s also a great excuse to celebrate all of the naturally green super foods we have available! These foods are commonly associated with plant-based diets, vegetarian diets and raw food diets.

For those of you who fear this food takes too much time, is too expensive, or don’t know how to prepare it are in for a treat. The Healthy Living section of the Huffington Post shared a quick guide to healthy green foods as a St. Patrick’s Day special for all of us 🙂

The color green is commonly associated with nature, freshness, and healing. The green superfood guide slide show uses large vibrant images of green foods including kiwi, basil, kale, and green beans to grab reader’s attention. I think this tactic is brilliant, it makes the food look fresh and delicious and makes me want to read the side bar which provides some nutritional information about the food as well as a section on how to enjoy it.r-GREEN-SUPERFOODS-huge

More specifically, I noticed each photo is designed to highlight the food being discussed so a general audience can recognize it. For example, the slide about kiwi fruit shows the kiwi cut in slices, which depicts how many people commonly enjoy the fruit. The next slide shows a large fresh basil leaf growing on the plant, displaying that basil is commonly recognized as an herb that grows beautifully in fresh herb gardens. While thyme is shown as a dried bunch, and green beans are presented as having been seasoned and cooked.


This display makes the food come alive and seem “real”. Viewers are able to picture how the food is commonly consumed, which may resonate with past experiences of enjoying the foods.  The use of images creates an emotional appeal and a tasteful sensation. Once they have made our mouths water we are able to read the short and sweet “How to enjoy” blurb to get an idea of simple but exciting ways we can add these foods to our diet.


Just because I love green foods I’ll share about my favorites quickly!

Kiwi– Sliced, peeled and whole or in smoothies is how I normally enjoy it.

Kale– This magical green tastes unbelievably sweet when it’s juiced with a lemon and an apple! I also eat it raw and shredded in salads, tossed in white bean or miso soup, or steamed with a little olive oil and garlic.

Broccoli– I often steam this cruciferous veggie for a minute and then drizzle it with fresh sautéed garlic and olive oil.

Spinach– My go to green in my everyday morning smoothie!

I’d love to hear your favorite way of incorporating green foods into your everyday diet!

NP 3/19


2 thoughts on “From kale to kiwi…. celebrating green superfoods in our diet for St. Patrick’s Day!

    • I agree! I feel like all of the colored food surrounding holiday’s always involve food coloring, or other color additives, sometimes it’s nice to remember all of the naturally colorful food.

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